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How To Reactivate The Facebook Account Which Is Disabled

Facebook is the most visited social media platform today and no other app can even do the justice to the popularity of Facebook.  However a lot of people still face issues while using Facebook and in that case you can contact the customer care team of Facebook.

Facebook account being disabled or blocked

If you are depressed how to reactivate Facebook account that has been disabled, then you can take the help of the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue of disabled Facebook account.

Reasons behind the Facebook being disabled

1.If you have violated any privacy settings of Facebook account then your account might get disabled. Suppose if you upload any inappropriate photo or post that hurts the sentiment of any particular race or community then your account might get blocked.

2.Also if anybody reports your account because of any fake content or account then also the account gets blocked.

3.In case if you have forgotten the Facebook account and you try to log in with a wrong password then your account can get blocked or disabled.

Steps To Fix Facebook if Blocked

1.First of all go to the sign in page of Facebook and try to log in using the account password. If you are able to log in then well and good but if not then try other alternative.

2.For the other alternative, you can fill out the request form of Facebook and brief about your doubts and possible reasons as why your account has been disabled requesting to clear it.

3.You can also write to the Facebook authority against the disabled account and wait till they revert back.

Things to keep in mind while activating the Facebook Account

1.Facebook takes maximum 24 hours to restart your Facebook account hence you have to be patient enough to wait till then.

2.After this, try to not post anything abusive, provoking or fake that can become a reason behind your account being reported.

3.Also try updating the account recovery information so that if you forget the password or username just in case then you can regain the password shortly.

Contact the customer support team of Facebook

If despite the above mentioned methods, you are unable to find How Do I Reactivate My Facebook Account, then you might need to contact the customer support team for more details. You can write directly to the support team of Facebook related to your issues and then they will try fixing it on their own.


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